We are consultants in the field of renewable energy. We are promoting renewable energy in developing countries.

We have now registered a company in Nigeria with 11 directors including 10 very high profile Nigerian Nationals.

We have exclusive agreements with many technology and plant providers from USA, EU, China and Israel.

We have completed 3 projects and under going agreement to develop 6 projects during the year 2012.

We are developing strategy in developing Biodiesel crops.
In the field of Biodiesel Crop development there is no shortage of media reports and hunches, but there is a distinct lack of reliable data, information and knowledge. Biodiesel Crops are often promoted using the news media as a form of publicity. So, in such an uncertain environment, while it is clear that decisions need to be based on the best possible information, problems can only be solved by testing possible solutions through trial and error. The difficulty with the approach is that the successful commercialization of a Biodiesel Crop does not depend on a single factor with a single solution. It consists of a great many factors operating together across the entire supply chain from producer to consumer. The need to deal with such complexity, even on a trial-and-error basis, brings the solution once again back to starting with the best possible information and the best possible people and accepting the additional challenge of managing a higher than usual level of risk.
Developing a successful business around a Biodiesel Crop can be ensured by building stronger relationships and ensuring satisfied consumers, effective supply chain management and value for money i.e. price must cover the growing, harvesting, processing and marketing costs of the product, as well as the profit margins