Charnwood Electrical Ltd employs consultants who are experts in their field of energy saving technology. This gives you two key benefits:
1.Safety in knowing that our experts will apply best-in-class knowledge to improve your organisation's utility efficiency.
2.We are an Active Supplier with the Carbon Trust’s Energy-Efficiency Loans Scheme.
We specialise in saving your business money
Billions of pounds are wasted every year by UK businesses. Energy efficiency is an area where experts like Charnwood Electrical Ltd can give you the advice which will allow you to directly affect your business profitability. Energy efficiency savings can often save businesses 20% or more on fuel bills. These savings go straight to your bottom line. How many more products would you need to sell, to generate the extra profits to match that saving? Talk to our experts to see how your business can benefit from our expertise. You may be able to get funding, making this advice completely free to you.
One of the most obvious indicators of your impact on the environment, and your wallet, is your energy bill. Leaving just one computer on standby can cost £35 a year, so think - pull the plug on the PCs, photocopiers and printers overnight. An average office wastes £6,000 each year by leaving equipment on over weekends and bank holidays. Convert to energy saving light bulbs and make sure your staff are aware of the impact of over-filling a kettle and leaving lights on.
In 2008:UK retailers and manufacturers began their plan to phase out all inefficient light bulbs by 2012.
Your lighting, plant and equipment probably waste the most energy of all your activities. Upgrading to more energy efficient versions of the same equipment will not only reduce your environmental impact but will minimise your operating costs. If your equipment is old, why not consider upgrading it to a new version which will be more efficient. By acting now and with the help of our team of experts we can also help you lower your Carbon Footprint.
What is a carbon footprint?
Your carbon footprint is the amount of CO² that enters the atmosphere because of the electricity and fuel you use and the products you buy. It's measured in tonnes of CO²
Your carbon footprint mostly depends on a number of factors, the main areas Charnwood Electrical Ltd aims to lower your CO² emissions and thus lower your energy bills are:
1.How much and what type of lighting your company is using.
2.How much energy you use to heat your business.
3.The electronics and appliances in use within your business.
Our main aim is to help reduce your energy bills which in turn will lower your carbon foot print.
As a company we can put together a full energy saving package which will give a complete breakdown of your current running costs. We will show you where your main savings can be made and advise you on the most cost effective way this can be done.
Our team of consultants who are experts in this field will be happy to put together a free lighting scheme based on your needs.
The products we use and the policy that is undertaking in their construction means that there is care for the environment, because the earth is our precious home.
Conservation is important to reserve what we have and for future generations. Here’s how the products we use are committed to preserve our environment.