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For over 25 years, Chalmor has been helping a broad range of organisations in the public and private sectors to save energy and money with a tried and tested blend of innovation, flexibility, attention to detail and ground-breaking heating and lighting systems.

With today’s soaring energy prices, even relatively simple energy saving measures will save you money, most offer a short payback period – and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Chalmor specialise in long life energy efficient lighting products and intelligent controls for lighting, heating, ventilation and office equipment.

Chalmor’s philosophy is to take a holistic approach to energy management; assessing needs, identifying areas for improvement and creating solutions that are tailored to our clients’ requirements and budgets.

Furthermore, we work with our clients, helping identify and access funding initiatives, grants, tax breaks and subsidies to minimise capital outlay and provide an even faster payback.

It costs nothing to find out how Chalmor can save you money and reduce your organisation’s energy consumption.

To make an informed decision, you need meaningful information as well as expert advice. Chalmor’s experience in lighting and heating will help you successfully help you save money on electricity, reduce risk and improve working conditions.

Energy Efficient Lighting and Heating Systems for all industries and organisations

•Have you been tasked to look into energy saving and not sure where to start?
•Would you like to reduce energy costs and lower your carbon footprint?
•Are you looking to replace Metal Halide or Sodium lighting with more efficient products?
•Do you have T8 or T12 fluorescent fittings which need refurbishment or replacing with T5 technology?
•Would you like a low cost solution, funded through Carbon Trust loans, Salix funding or our LiveSaver - pay as you save scheme?
•Do you need your energy project to be projected managed and installed by experts who understand Construction and Design Management regulations?
•Do you have uncontrolled lighting and heating systems?
•Are you looking to improve your working environment and increase productivity?
•Are you looking to bring your light levels up to the correct Lux levels to meet CIBSE guidance?
We offer expert advice on UK electricity saving Lighting and Heating devices and products

Our award winning Lighting and heating solutions offer tangible savings and not only reduce carbon consumption, but also reduce operating costs, reduce maintenance cycles and improve the working environment.

In today’s working environment, reducing carbon and energy costs are key elements in ensuring businesses and organisations run efficiently, reduce costs and also meet their corporate and environmental responsibilities.

Due to Political and environmental pressures, organisations now need to take energy management seriously and Chalmor is able to offer bespoke energy saving and funding solutions and provide a complete product selection, design and implementation process.

Chalmor, helping make UK organisations more energy efficient