Celsias.com helps individuals, companies and organisations do practical things to combat climate change

Celsias was created in March 2006, evolved a ‘traditional’ blog in July 2007, and in 2008 developed tools to help people combat climate change, and bring the green community, companies and organisations closer together.

In addition to its thousands of individual members, more than 200 companies and organisations are registered with Celsias – these include Disney, Sun Microsystems, WWF, Columbia University, The University of Auckland, New Zealand Post and Ausra Solar Technologies.

Tools and services

On Celsias, you can:

Read Articles by internationally recognised writers

Join a friendly conversation in the Celsias Lounge

Ask questions or provide answers in the Q&A Hall

Review and commit to Actions that will reduce your carbon footprint

Create, follow, join and rate climate change Projects

Build a network of friends