Celotex is the UK brand leader of PIR thermal insulation solutions for the building and construction market. When you choose Celotex insulation, you are accessing an unrivalled product and service package that has evolved through a process of constant innovation spanning over 85 years.

As the fastest growing insulation category within the UK, PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation provides the perfect solution for meeting both current and future building regulations and other carbon reduction programmes. PIR insulation delivers high thermal performance allowing homes and buildings to achieve premium levels of energy efficiency and with some of the thinnest possible solutions.

As a leading investor within the insulation market, Celotex has a considerable advantage over many other insulation providers. These include:

'Best in class' PIR insulation with Celotex FR5000 and CG5000 delivering an exceptional thermal performance which is over 100% more thermally efficient than many mineral fibre products and up to 10% better than typical PIR

The broadest range of PIR thicknesses from 12mm to 200mm

Super low emissivitity values with Celotex IQ contributing to thinner solutions

Products with Class O fire performance and an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide 2008

A lower environmental impact than typical PIR manufacturers

An expansive product range suitable for pitched and flat roofs, walls and floors including specific products for internal and external solid walls with Celotex PL4000 and SW3000

Third party approvals from leading industry organisations including the BBA, BRE Global, Ofgem and the Energy Saving Trust

Industry leading technical support from the Celotex Technical Centre