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14 Oct 2011 11:10:55

Green Transport Crystal Ball

Transport operators across the world are under increasing pressure to comply with emissions regulations and failure to meet these ever stringent demands means financial penalties and worse in some regions. The question is "How do you know what you are actually emitting?" The fact is you probably rely on OEM (Original Manufacturers Equipment) systems linked to the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) system of your vehicle at best, at worst you are relying on an after market system linked to your navigation / tracking package.

Why is it important to see where your fuel is going and what your emissions profile actually is? In a word "Control". If you can control fuel wastage you produce an opportunity to reduce your carbon impacts. Less fuel used means less emissions in simple terms. Nothing complicated here. The added value of this ability is of interest to us all in business, the private or the public sectors of life - MONEY!

We all need to save money or add value back to our bottom line (Profit) for different reasons, we are not concerned what the motivations are it is a simple fact of life, we work in our jobs or our own businesses to make money, it pays the bills and allows us to develop and grow in many ways. We have also heard this termed as progress! So how do we save money using this amazing new crystal ball?

First of all, "What gets measured gets done" many readers will have heard this before, it is still relevant to business today. If you measure what fuel is being wasted in your fleet, what could you then do about it? If you could measure, in real terms, what your fleet emits per year or per journey, what could you do about ? That's right, you can ACT! Of course, you need to have the desire to save money and reduce emissions in your fleet especially as the carbon tax noose is tightening around your financial necks!

CAT-UK is offering you an opportunity to see for yourself using a very unique Millbrook Approved technology to see into your fleet operations future. The Green Transport Crystal Ball is a technology that plugs into your OBD system in a none intrusive way so it won't breech ANY warranty you may have with anyone. We are also fully insured to install and remove this system on your vehicle so you have no risk profile moving forward.

We use this system to benchmark your vehicle prior to trialling our fuel and emission reduction hardware (ECO-CAT) so you can see the before and after effects of what we do before you invest in our solutions. How many other offers do you see that protect you upfront? In addition we can use this tool to provide fleet wide reporting and consultancy provisions based on a monthly low cost fee to help you manage your CSR and Carbon Reporting requirements. For further assistance please contact us via email, we guarantee a fast response.

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