Our company specialises in distribution and sales of products which achieve two basic criteria:-

1. They must reduce Carbon Footprint
2. They must reduce the costs of our customers business

We currently have two key products:-

1. A waterless wheel cleaning system for Landfills, Quarries and Construction sites that is Carbon neutral in Operation. The system has a patented angle grid design which reacts with the tyres of the vehicles using the self weight of the wagon to flex the treads open and closed at least 160 times which breaks and squeezes the mud out of the treads and deposits it in the void below. In this way the surrounding roads and highways are protected from contamination. The system has no moving parts and does not require any power or water and is Carbon Neutral in operation.
2. A Fuel combustion catalyst which reduces harmful exhaust emissions and improves MPG in a guaranteed range of 7-14%. The products encompass a de-carbonising product called Kinetic Kleen which removes unwanted Carbon deposits from around the injector valves. The Kinetic Boost Fuel combustion catalyst is then added to the fuel each time the vehicles is filled. It uses the fuel as a carrier to travel to the combustion where it deposits a nanbo-thin coating of a catalytic substance on the inside of the combustion chamber. This catalytic coating acts like a Hydrogen fuse and enables the combustion process to complete more efficiently within the combustion cycle, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the burn. A more efficient combustion has tow primary effects:-
1. It improves MPG fuel consumption and gives the feeling of an improved octane fuel. This results in better engine performance and cost savings in a guaranteed range of 7-14%
2.Because the combustion completes in the combustion chamber and stops escaping into the exhaust cycle it also reduces the exhaust emissions in bot temperature and harmful content, thereby having a beneficial effect on the environment.