Carbon Reduction '09 - Delivering a Low Carbon Future
"The urgency of this challenge is now very clear…we need to generate the commitments and financial flows necessary to move us towards a global low carbon economy and avoid dangerous climate change." Rt Hon Gordon Brown Prime Minister

GovToday presents Carbon reduction '09 – Delivering a Low Carbon Future, Securing Energy – Conference and Exhibition, which will be held on 14th May at Church House Conference Centre, Westminster.

Carbon reduction '09 will provide an inimitable platform for debate on the content and delivery of key aspects of both the Climate Change and Energy Bills; re-affirming the Government’s strategic policy and commitments, while disseminating learning and implementation best practice across both the public and private sectors.

The Government’s Climate Change and Energy strategies – arguably the two defining political agendas of this Century – will now be led by Ed Miliband MP, the Rt Hon Secretary of State for the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).