Carbon Assessment Project (CAP) is a carbon assessment company that provides its clients with access to a world class GHG accounting software system. Based in Dublin, Ireland, CAP provides the means for companies to analyse their emission levels of harmful greenhouse gasses and to offer cost-effective solutions and ongoing support and advice.
CAP Assess employs a CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) accredited GHG accounting process. Developed by world-leading carbon experts and backed up with extensive research this process is delivered through CAP’s unique web based platform that is compliant with GHG standards and protocols.
The software, called 'Our Impacts', has been developed on an “intelligent” system. It constantly updates emission factors in the background, so that you don’t have to.
The software has been developed to meet the demand for accurate GHG accounting – but in a user-friendly and cost effective manner.
Our online technology is backed up with professional and friendly support, showing customers how and where they are losing money, incurring additional costs and, in the process, damaging the very environment that they and we rely on. CAP combines care for the environment with saving money and reducing costs by offering cost-effective and pragmatic business solutions.