Carbon Action Yorkshire is working with the region’s largest and most strategically influential companies and organisations to secure:

-a commitment to low carbon management
-action to meet carbon reduction commitments, and:
-the opportunity to exploit the growth in low carbon markets.

CAY’s partner companies and organisations will be asked to sign up to the CAY Low Carbon Leadership Accord.

What’s on offer for CAY partners?

CAY partners will have access to business leaders and expert practitioners selected from the most influential and forward-thinking organisations within the region. CAY’s research and innovation network is backed by dedicated scientific experts, including Universities at the forefront of worldwide innovation.

CAY provides knowledge transfer and best practice from peer and cross-industrial organisations and draws on advice from around the world in both operational and strategic lower carbon developments.

The opportunities presented by a lower carbon economy are realised through new products and services, as well as improvements to business efficiency. CAY, alongside Yorkshire Forward, will be a driver in setting regional frameworks for carbon trading and offsetting; we will also create longer-term infrastructure for carbon capture and sequestration.

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