Cape Orient is a one top sourcing service provider for a diverse client group in the world. Our clients range from medium sized firms to big sized companies involved in wholesale, retail, catalog and direct sales.
Cape Orient has been established in Hong Kong since the early 2000s. With its determination and quest for excellence, Cape Orient has evolved in textiles products (based on your sample or design and), medical equipments and medical supplies, solar equipments exportation over the years. Cape Orient’s success is contributed to its ability to understand the customer’s requirement and need.
While the economic development and manufacturers’ growing up in Mainland China, Cape Orient gradually adjusted its business model from a trading company to a sourcing service and solution provider for the overseas customers.
Based in Hong Kong, Canada and mainland China, Cape Orient commits to provide the innovative products for the right customers at the right time through its professional services, such as manufacturer sourcing, product sourcing, and logistics service. Till now, we are proud of that Cape Orient has attained a high reputation for its service quality and customer satisfaction. Cape Orient’s ultimate goal is to create the mutually beneficial partnerships with customers through a dedication to the service quality ......