The Cambridge University Energy Network was established to bring together the academic community to share their knowledge and interest in energy. It also serves to promote a structured, cross disciplinary approach to teaching and research in sustainable energy.

The objectives of the Cambridge University Energy Network (CUEN) cover two key points; to inform, and to facilitate cross-disciplinary research for young researchers in the field of sustainable energy. These two main points are elaborated below.

In aid of serving an informative role, CUEN raises awareness of issues concerning long-term sustainable generation and consumption of energy, and the significant challenges associated with implementation of mitigating technologies to members of the academic community in and around Cambridge. Lectures and seminars are held in Cambridge during term time and an annual conference is held in the summer, bringing together industry, academia and students.

To complement its educational goals, CUEN serves to inspire potential research recruits, from promising undergraduates to post-docs, and to motivate existing energy researchers to progress in their field. Through the provision of a networking platform, CUEN presents research and funding opportunities to young researchers, who are establishing their research career. CUEN's forums also serve to improve the coordination of research in sustainable energy across departments, collaborative universities and industry, with a view to more effective and efficient research, and to promote the exchange of expertise amongst academics with possible collaborative outcomes.