Cadmeleon’s experience of harvesting building data from survey and source material, together with our unique approach and systems knowledge makes us an ideal partner to deliver non-residential EPCs.

Cadmeleon’s services include:

* delivering site survey and certification directly for client organizations
* harvesting all EPC and zonal services data for clients’ own desk-top certification
* project-managing EPC delivery for large non-domestic property portfolios.
* the production of accurate basic floor plans
* effective partnership in large non-domestic projects

Additional services include:

* add value to asset management and EPC by sharing spatial data seamlessly with many major proprietary asset management systems.
* deliver measured building surveys, condition surveys, etc, simultaneously, for centralized asset management services.

Cadmeleon has a graphical approach at its core, relying on the creation of quality CAD foundation data as a feedstock for all its survey products and processes, creating a short secure accountable audit trail and a quality of work that is second-to-none.

Every EPC is accompanied by a Cadmeleon recommendation that details cost-effective measures to improve the energy rating of the building, and information about the energy rating achievable if the Cadmeleon recommendations were implemented.

To request information about any of our services please call 01259 211456 or email