C & M Marketing, we are a local community business based in South Wales, responsible for providing

Appointments for customers interested in Solar Panels & Loft/Cavity Wall insulation.

Notifying the public, of the government grants available to achieve these energy saving measures.

Demonstrating a friendly, efficient service to all our customers at all times, plus

Marketing the changes essential for a healthier environment.

Maintaining a high standard of service for all our customers is paramount, thus our Surveyors are on call

Across the UK, to provide a free no obligation survey to advise of the levels of funding available.

Researching daily to update customers of the benefits of having their homes insulated, whilst

Keeping all our staff motivated to provide the best possible service through all stages of enquiries.

Educating the public about the energy saving initiatives available, is a vital step

Towards achieving the targets, expected by 2020, minimizing carbon emissions across Britain.

Insulating homes to the required standard, plus advising of the advantages of installing Solar Panels are

Necessary to reduce our CO2 emissions & generate our own electricity, needed to prevent

Global warming & Climate changes that we as a nation, need to play our part in helping to restore.