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Solar swimming pool heating

Heating your swimming pool by traditional fossil fuel is very expensive and very wasteful of the planet’s resources. Burning gas or oil creates harmful emissions and increases our fuel dependency for sourcing our energy from parts of the world that may not always be stable, friendly or even capable of supplying our fuel needs.

Most swimming pools can be heated using only British Eco solar thermal technology, wherever they are situated. At British Eco we believe that it is important to design our products so that they look good, they are very long lasting and require the minimal amount of maintenance. Quality is the foundation of our philosophy. We accordingly design pool systems using indirect heat exchange systems, high quality thermal panels that we build ourselves in Europe which we guarantee to perform for ten years. The panels are designed to have a life span of more than 35 years and are made from easily recyclable materials, such as aluminium, copper and glass.

Pools should be heated to around 28°C. If you heat your pool to any significantly higher temperature algae and bacteria can cause problems unless you increase the chlorine levels significantly. Temperatures lower than about 25°C are uncomfortable for most people. British Eco thermal solar systems provide pool temperatures within the recommended range in most locations without the need to have a boiler system or an electric heating system.

These levels of performance are not possible in Northern latitudes in winter, when the daylight hours are short.

When your pool system is designed your manufacturer approved installer will provide you with an estimate, based on meteorological conditions, of the performance range your system will provide.

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