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Ground source heat pump

By selecting a BritishEco heat pump you can still obtain the same or enhanced funding from us without the hassle of a lengthy application process. We would like to remind all customers that BritishEco heat pump offers unrivalled access to CERT funding for all residential properties.

What does this mean?

It means that we can offer funding of £1500 for ground source heat pumps. These levels of funding will remain in place up to the launch of the Renewable Heat Incentive on 1 April 2011.

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) make use of ground heat, usually a few metres below our feet, to transfer underground heat into buildings to provide spatial heating and in some cases, pre-heating domestic water. As the earth maintains a temperature of about 11-12°C throughout the year, GSHPs can provide an energy efficient alternative for indoor heating.

British Eco will do the "groundwork" to look for the best option available to install a GSHP in your home. Suitability factors, as well as budget, will be considered to ensure that the GSHP works in the most efficient way. While it is possible for a GSHP to meet 100 per cent of your spatial heating requirement, it is always a good idea to look at other energy efficient measures such as cavity wall and loft insulation to reduce your heating demands.

There are three important elements in installing a GSHP – the ground loop, the heat pump and the heat distribution system. British Eco will agree with you which type of ground loop is most suitable for you and where it could be located. Electricity is required to run the compressor of the pump.

The running costs of a GSHP are largely dependent on several factors. However, it is usually a cheaper and more energy efficient way of indoor heating than oil, LPG and electric storage heaters.

Book your home visit survey or free eco telephone survey today by sending us an enquiry.

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