We make lever arch files, ring binders and similar products in our 65,000 sq.ft.factory in Crayford, Kent. We use PVC, polypropylene and paper over board and have made substantial investment in automation to be cost effective for these products, without importing them from the far-east.

Our USP is that as well as using a very high proportion of recycled materials, we will take back everything we supply, at the end of its useful life, to separate the components and recycle each of them. We have a range of viable return logistics options so that it can actually happen, and not just be talked about. We thereby provide the most sustainable option for office-based organisations that care about environmental issues.

We don’t try and appeal to everyone: if customers don’t care about quality and are willing to use products brought in from China, and then dumped in landfill, we won’t be cheaper than that. We know that some organisations just buy on price, that’s up to them.

Our main area of commercial activity is business to business, with the majority of our sales being to stationers, printers and print/facilities management companies that supply to end users. Most of our work is bespoke, and we recently introduced several ranges of standard products sold exclusively through stationery distribution channels, e.g. Banner and Corporate Express

We are owned by our employees and we are passionate about our business. If you visit us, you will absolutely see for yourself the difference that makes. It’s hard to explain. We’d really appreciate your taking the time to visit, if you are thinking about doing significant business with us.

We are also doing increasing amounts of work for schools. We supply about 250 schools with Record of Achievement folders, and are actively seeking a corporate sponsor to enable all secondary schools to have the opportunity to provide them for their students.

Our Original Stationery – creating funds for schools - programme is in operation, and launches big-time to schools in early May. The products are simply fantastic: Aroma binders in bubble-gum, raspberry, tropical mango and cola, Holoflex, which is a range of holographic polypropylene products, and create-your-own - binders and lever arch files on which, using our simple and patented system, the user makes their own design, around their interests and using their own creativity, so that every item is unique.

Students at the school run a mini business with support from us, and sell the products to other students and friends. It is virtually risk free for schools to participate, and as well as raising serious money for school funds there is valuable business experience for the students, plus IT skills development as everything is web based: see www.originalstationery.co.uk

So we are a bit different from the many other companies making and selling binders, and if you care about what your organisation does and the social and environmental implications arising from the doing, we’re worth a serious look.