Bright Green Technology specialises in solid-state LED backlighting systems that dramatically reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of backlit displays, advertising and signage. They offer stunning illumination quality and are 100% recyclable.

With typical energy savings of 60 – 85%, the elimination of maintenance and a lifetimes of up to 10 years, return on investment can be less than 12 months.

The Economic Case
By using less energy, lasting longer and requiring no maintenance, Bright Green systems don’t just reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they also pay for themselves.

A single fluorescent tube box (with 4 x 58W tubes) costs around £1,200 more to operate over five years than the Bright Green equivalent. That’s without considering income uplift from the increased display quality or the elimination of rebates associated with tube failures.

Environmental Benefits
Bright Green products use less energy and reduce the carbon footprint of illuminated displays by as much as 88%. Bright Green systems are 100% recyclable; unlike fluorescent tubes there is no hazardous waste (such as mercury) and specialist recycling is not required. Also, the zero maintenance requirements reduce fuel use by cutting journey frequency and transport costs.

Client Benefits
Bright Green systems look dramatically better than fluorescent tube illumination.

Striping is eliminated and replaced by bright, even displays of vivid colours, clean whites and perfect skin tones.