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Bright Green Energy

Wind and solar powered street lighting

Solar mounting kits offer easy installation of framed solar module arrays. The kits are versatile allowing for either surface or pole mounting. The panels are mounted horizontally, and allow for tilt angle adjustment.

The Green Column designed and manufactured by Marlec is an environmentally friendly, cost saving solution to providing amenity lighting at remote sites. Locations previously considered too far from the grid but require lighting can now be considered for a Green Column. The wind and solar powered solution delivers free, renewable energy which is stored in a battery ready to be consumed when darkness falls. Green Columns are already in use all over the UK on footpaths, playgrounds and car parks.

When you install a Green Column there’s no need to dig trenches for underground cables as it is totally independent of the grid. By generating its own power from the wind and sun there will be no grid connection charges, no on-going energy charges or standing charges Installation is quick, typically less than a day per column, and can easily be done by your own contractor.

– it doesn't burn any greenhouse gas, because it simply converts the natural energy of the wind into electricity!
– it doesn't need any grid connection so there's no need to dig up roads!
– quickly installed and there's no on-going power costs!

Please contact us for further information.

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