We are a family run company that specialises in the design and installation of solar hot water heating systems, also known as solar thermal heating. We feel passionately about this technology and believe the time is now right for the wide scale acceptance of solar heating in the UK.

Concern over the environment and rising energy costs have all contributed to the need for renewable energies of which solar thermal heating is one. The Government also recognises this fact and have implemented an initiative called the Low Carbon Building Programme. We as a company are committed to this programme and offer a very cost effective solution for the installation of solar thermal heating systems.

We believe that sustainable energies should not cost the Earth.

Our solar installations use the highly efficient CPC INOX series of evacuated tubes from the German manufacturer Ritter. These collectors are provided with a highly reflective CPC mirror (Compound Parabolic Concentrator) which ensures that even at unfavourable irradiation angles direct and diffuse sunlight falls onto the absorber. This makes these collectors ideal for the UK.

We are a member of the Solar Trade Association. And as we are government accredited installers of solar thermal heating under the Clear Skies/Low Carbon Building Programme you will be able to apply for a grant to help with the costs of installation.