Bright Blue Logic, a sustainable building and renewable energy design team, has put together a series of packages to provide these solutions in a clear and tangible way. These services, suitable for individuals as well as architects and developers provide clear and informed design advice to those who are struggling with the jargon and mountain of information out there. If you want to know which renewable energy solution would be most cost-effective for your property, or are designing a new building and want to incorporate elements of sustainability into it – perhaps using the sun to assist the heating or a green roof to promote biodiversity, then Bright Blue Logic can help with this. If you’re an architect you might just need a service that helps get a design through building regs or meet the new Code for Sustainable Homes – again, there is a package suitable for you. Sometimes you might just want advice on which are the best products or installation companies out there. Bright Blue Logic pride themselves in being independent and giving logical and cost-effective design advice based on real science-based to help achieve more sustainable buildings.