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Bowller Solar Energy

Solar thermal system

Solar heating involves the direct conversion of light into heat. A solar heating system normally consists of a solar collector, a regulating unit with pump and a well-insulated hot water tank.

The solar collector, or solar panel, converts the sunlight it receives into heat. This heat is generated through the absorption of the sun's rays by a dark color-coated absorber, which is connected to a piping system. The heat transfer fluid in the piping system absorbs the heat and is pumped to the hot water tank, where the heat is transferred to the water by a heat exchanger.

The absorber in the solar panel absorbs the sun's rays. The rays are converted into heat, which is transferred to the heat transfer fluid in the copper pipes fitted on the reverse. The regulator records the temperatures on the solar panel and in the hot water tank, and controls the circulating pump. The heat transfer fluid is pumped to the hot water tank by the circulating pump. In the hot water tank, the heat exchanger transfers the energy from the heat transfer fluid to the water.

We design and install systems that can provide 50-70% of annual domestic hot water and close to 100% during the summer months. The same percentage is applied to the savings on your heating bill and then reduction of carbon emissions.

Please contact us for more information as well as pricing information.

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