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Bowller Solar Energy

Photovoltaic system

Our photovoltaic system converts solar radiation into direct current electricity and can make a real contribution to our energy needs.

The photovoltaic cell is the component responsible for converting light to electricity. When sunlight strikes a photovoltaic cell, part of the light particle's (photon's), energy is absorbed by the cell. By the absorption of a photon a (negative) electron is knocked loose from a silicon atom, and a positive "hole" remains. The freed electron and the positive hole together are neutral. Therefore, in order to be able to generate electricity, the electron and the hole need to be separated from each other. This is usually done through layered junctions in the cell. The freed electrons cannot return to the positively charged holes. When the electrical contacts on the front and rear are connected through an external circuit, the freed electrons can only return to the positively

A system with a PV array tilted towards the south would generate approximately 750kWh / year per kWp installed. So a typical 2 kWp system (around 16 m2 of multicrystalline modules) would generate around 1500 kWh per year.

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Community Review  

OFG wrote:

09 Jun 2011

''When the electrical contacts on the front and rear are connected through an external circuit,
the freed electrons can only return to the positively''

???? Is this scientific gobblydook or just bad english ? It doesen't make sense ? Is there a bit missing from the paragraph?

Community Review  


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