ShowerBoB shower timers, the easy way to save water, energy and money. Our unique lo-tech timer runs for 4 minutes, the ideal time to shower and save. Designed exclusively for use in the shower it is easy to use, easy to see, requires no installation or technical now how and no battery.

ShowerBoB helps companies, housing associations, charities and universities around the world raise awareness of their sustainability campaigns and communicate their green credentials to engage effectively with customers, staff, students or residents.

Examples include:

Rolls Royce wanted to encourage staff to cycle to work as part of their Waste Action Programme. They used a campaign branded ShowerBoB to promote with the new incentive.

University of Central Lancashire distribute ShowerBoBs to new students during Freshers Week as part of the Universities sustainability programme.

University of Wolverhampton use ShowerBoBs to raise awareness of energy, carbon and waste minimisation through the Higher Education Carbon Management Programme. They save on facilities bills and it works in tandem with their corporate and social responsibility commitment.

Southern Water in conjunction with Balfour Beatty have implemented compulsory water metering. Our timers encouraged customers to adjust to this challenge and helped Southern Water metered customers reduce their water usage by 10%.

The Royal Bank of Canada’s Blue Water Project is a program dedicated to protecting the world's fresh water. ShowerBoB’s helped promote responsible water use with RBC employees and clients.

Rexam employees across the World helped the company save enough energy to power 5,000 homes and enough C02 to run 6,727 cars, using ShowerBoBs to help spread the campaign message “Together, we have a bigger impact”.

With our unique branding options, we can help you engage with people through your own bespoke campaign and publicise your green credentials. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.