BioTech Limitada, a Mozambican company established in 2010 looking for international Investors to develop a venture to produce biomass and biofuel products in northern Mozambique.

We are a development-stage company, which intends to manufacture renewable biomass energy products (wood chips, wood pellets, etc.)

BioTech Limitada is targeting large energy/power supply producing companies, government institutions, and other international companies in the energy sector which are looking for additional secure supply sources of biomass energy.

The company's objectives are to scale up this business model locally over time and replicate it in other parts of the region, so as to deliver financial, social and environmental benefits for investors and local partners.

Our mission:
To utilize the large amount of biomass for energy production from the CLYD affected areas of Mozambique to give the affected coconut smallholder farmers and private estates a new opportunity avoiding environmental damage through burning of valuable biomass resources.

Our vision:
To strategically source and acquire sustainable long term biomass supply streams from Africa (Mozambique) and to convert them into the highest level of economical and environmental use according to the best practices available while delivering viable high-value products to our customers and stakeholders.