The bioeconomy community is made to bring upadated information , patent innovation reagarding biomass and bioenergy .
Thus the community can serva as open book about bioeconomy uses biomass crop known as 1st Generation , also the second-generation biomass (crop residues or refuge), and third-Generation biomass (seaweed, algae).
Several methods of processing can be studied here by the community that can be used togather the most out of the biomass to fuel , food, fertilzer and feed . The study of the comunity can also includes techniques such as
Anaerobic digestion
Anaerobic digestion is generally used to produce ethanol, pyrolysis can be the main focus to produce pyrolysis-oil (which is solidified biogas), and torrefaction is used to create "biocoal". Biomass-coal :
biogas is then burnt for energy production for small scale biopower , ethanol used as a (vehicle)-fuel as in Brazil will be be detailed and explored by all participants

Biomass the great green future for food ,fuel ,feed and bioenergy ,thus wealth from waste
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