Billington Biofuels specialises in the distribution and supply of bulk and bagged wood pellet fuel throughout the UK.

Billington Biofuels' objective is to supply the highest quality wood pellet fuel, to the highest environmental standards, in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner.

To achieve these objectives, all our wood pellets are manufactured at a brand new facility built to the highest standards, giving you a reliable and consistent supply. Quality is our number one priority and is ensured by supplying pellets that exceed CEN standards, manufactured from virgin timber only. Virgin timber is generated as co-product from sawmill processes and is certified as sustainable FSC forestry.

By utilising our extensive experience in pellet handling and a significant distribution fleet, you can be confident that your supply of wood pellet fuel will be as convenient and "hassle free" as fossil fuels. All our drivers are extremely experienced at delivering pellets into storage and will endeavour to provide a seamless service and an enjoyable experience. Our specialised distribution fleet means that in the majority of cases we can offer solutions to limited site access or irregular delivery times. As well as delivering a renewable source of energy, our latest vehicles meet the Renewable Transport Fuel obligation by using a minimum of 5% Biofuel blend, thus reducing our contribution to climate change.

We believe that wood pellet fuel will become a genuinely accepted form of renewable energy in the years to come, and we are committed to supporting its ongoing development.