The EU, public bodies and major industries are aligned behind a vision of sustainability which delivers the EU’s 6th Environment Action plan (EAP). BG2 Global Solutions offers a range of support systems which will aid both and private and public sector clients to deliver improved environmental, social and financial management.

BG2 Global Solutions provides ‘Property Lifecycle Services‘ which deliver sustainability assessments
of properties at design and as built phases. Governments have embraced this approach in recent years as around 50% of total carbon emissions arise from buildings and their use. Legislative sticks such as Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy certifications underpin the Building Regulations while private sector initiatives such as BREEAM and LEED drive the market based responses to these challenges.

Building sustainability solutions is at the forefront of society’s commitment to sustainable development and governments are busy making new regulations to implement green building concepts. BG2 Global Solution’s consultants have many years of international experience providing in-depth building sustainability knowledge and expertise to our clients.

The breadth and depth of our skill base means that we can also offer Strategic Sustainability Services ranging from environmental planning and permitting, energy and emissions, audit and accreditation, design lifecycle assessments, biodiversity/ecology, resource efficiency and construction to Green Buildings.

These services are packaged as our operational support moving toward ‘Sustainability Integration’. Constantly striving to find solutions to complex industrial and societal challenges, BG2 Global Solutions is relentless in the delivery of the best projects safely and efficiently, whilst defining industry best practice.