Target market:
ATG Energy‘s competency framework provides extensive services to clients in the Energy and Environmental markets in the UK as well as on the European continent.
Core business:
We at ATG Energy approach our projects mainly from a pragmatic and down to earth point of view, translating principals into practice to provide strong solutions to challenges. Determining what our client really needs, validating project ideas by benchmarking as well as engineered support helps our clients find the right solutions fit for purpose.
Our consultants have a wealth of experience and expertise in the International business of Power generation. Our capabilities currently comprise of know how in conventional power projects with recent (last 3 years) shift to waste management, waste to energy programmes as well as biomass related power generation. Biomass fuels and their use are of high interest to us and we have performed various studies related to their availability, types, technical impact as well as sustainability. We also actively participate in the new ‘certification programme’ of biomass that is currently taking place in The Netherlands and Germany. This has contributed to our profound understanding of their application and appropriate use.
• Power generation conventional ( oil-, coal-, gas - fired)
• Power generation Waste to Energy grate fired as well as fluidized bed technology
• Power generation Biomass ( grate fired as well as fluidized bed technology)
• CHP in waste to energy as biomass fired installation ( ORC experience)
• Gasification processes
• Pyrolyses
• Underground gas storages
• Tank farms
• Carbon Capture & Storage
• CO2 application projects (Distribution and re-use)