Ata Marie Group (AMG) is a specialist provider of professional services to the Forestry, Agri-Business and Natural Resource Management sectors in the ASEAN region. AMG was incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles in 2007 and has its operational base in Jakarta, Indonesia. Key services include:

 Land and resource based industry investment services
 Natural resource asset management services
 E-business Solutions for Natural Resource Management
 Specialist Natural Resources Technical Services

AMG’s three principals are all New Zealanders with over 20 years of experience in the South East Asian region. This brings a strong understanding of the complex dynamics associated with business development and links both local and international for essential services including licensing, engineering, financial, taxation, legal, environmental, social, and security.

George Kuru is a professional forester and biometrician specializing in forest inventory, yield and growth modelling, information technology and supply chain management for the forestry and agricultural sectors.
George is the founder and Managing Director of Forestech Research and Development Ltd, New Zealand (

Alex Thorp is a professional forester with over 20 years of experience working as an industry consultant, resource manager and trader in the forestry and agri-business sectors in South East Asia.
Specific expertise focuses on project identification and due diligence, raw material supply assessment, resource management, and forest certification support. He has a strong understanding of both private and public sector environments found in the region.

Jim Leitch is a trained forester and botanist with over 35 years success in land resource based research, management and training assignments in the Asia-Pacific region.
Over the last 10 years Jim has held senior strategic and operational planning positions in two of Asia’s largest pulp and palm oil producing conglomerates plus successfully instigated a trial level palm oil based bio-gas feasibility project in Indonesia.