AquaFix Solutions is the trading name for a division of Superior Technologies Europe.

We are dedicated to bringing new and innovative products to the market in the field of water and energy solutions.Our products are marketed through different channels and have brands that have their own life.

Our specialist area is water treatment. Products range from Anodix, the worlds best solution for controlling legionella and other harmful bacteria to REGEN, a unique bioegradale and safe descaling solution to our range of high specification leak repair kits for business, home and leisure markets..

Saving water and saving energy is our priority and there are strong connections between both. AquaFix Soltions wish to participate in the general movement towards a low carbon ecoinomy and we see our products as contributing towards this goal.

We welcomes contact with other companies involved in innovative products within water and energy markets and we are always looking for new products to market and grow.