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Anhui Yayun Bamboo Products Co.,Ltd

bamboo cutting board,chopping blocks

bamboo cutting board bamboo chooping blocks
Bamboo Cutting Boards and Blocks

In the last 10 years bamboo cutting boards have become fashionable in the western world due to their unique style, eco-friendliness and durability. Their main selling point is the fact that it's very eco-friendly to make them,and more and more pepole have well known this factor ;Second,Bamboo boards are strong and durable. Knifes won't suffer from friction blunting (like they do on wooden or plastic cutting boards) on the compact structure of bamboo keeping them as sharp as possible. The strength of bamboo means that heavy duty cutting can be performed without concerns of shattering or splintering the surface. Third,The surface is also very safe when it comes to harmful bacteria,there is no grooves or gashes where bugs can hide whilst cleaning the surface. All foods can be cut on bamboo surfaces and with it's flat surface they can be lightly hand-washed and dried in little time. Last, bamboo cutting boards absorb very little moisture, so it's not going to grow or shrink on you over time like a traditional wooden chopping board.

Key Features

◆ Made in layers of flattened strips
◆Bonded with food grade glue - Food safe with non-toxic glue that exceeds the internationally-recognised European E0 standard
◆ Finishing: Food grade vegetable oil
◆ All sorts of patterns created with differently shaded bamboo wood

◆ Double sided chopping surfaces

◆ Honey coloration is permanently produced by heating the wood to caramelize its sugars

◆ Dishwasher proofing – an adhesive that can withstand high temperatures allowing for the board to be placed in a dishwasher (for 2 – 3 years on average)


◆Keeps the board non-porous by oiling it with mineral oil; this not only stops it absorbing liquids and stains it also highlights the beautiful patterns in the grain.

◆ Wash with warm water and a mild detergent (never let soak), rinse, after washing the board gently dry it immediately with a damp towel before the water damages it; luckily it's very easy to dry.
◆ Occasionally wipe with mineral oil to keep it looking moist

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