We at Ampere GDP are a family run business at the forefront of this new industry and have been heavily involved with the Green Deal since November 2011, working with the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), and other interested parties on the implementation of the Green Deal. We are proud to be a Pioneer Green Deal Provider as announced by DECC in March 2012.

The Green Deal is an initiative by DECC to enable home and business owners to install energy efficient measures to their property or premises at no upfront cost. The investment is repaid via the electricity bill based around the warranty life of the products installed. The Golden Rule for the Green Deal is that the customer will not pay any more on their energy bills than they did before a measure was installed, the Green Deal will be the biggest home improvement programme for 70 years.

Green Deal Finance is only available to customers who have had a Green Deal Assessment and who install approved Green Measures installed by a Green Deal Provider.

With energy bills having risen year on year since 2004, an average increase of 79% in electricity and 121% on gas, there is significant long-term financial benefit to be gained from installing Green Deal Measures.

The Green Deal will become operational in October 2012.