Amber Green Energy, based in Northern Ireland, provides green energy solutions to socially responsible businesses and organisations seeking to reduce the cost of energy consumption and offset carbon emissions. We help you understand the return on investments you can expect from implementing energy saving & green energy power generation technologies for your organisation.

We can also provide you with advice and appraisal of alternative green power generation options for your business or farm.

Amber Green has an important role in helping policy makers and government deliver on their renewable energy and carbon reduction targets.

There are important targets set to reduce carbon emissions (UK): 35% reduction by 2022, 50% reduction by 2025 and 80% reduction by 2050. The NI executive has set a target of a 35% reduction by 2025 in its recent PfG.

Contact us today to see how your organisation can benefit from reducing the cost of energy and to evaluate if you could benefit from generating your own green power.