The AGH Fleece is a remarkable and innovative new product that utilises natural, more healthy radiation into heating systems and applications within private homes, offices even footwear.

Our ground breaking technology uses micro-ceramic infused fleece incorporates advanced nanotechnology that utilizes natural radiation to warm bodies and objects in the immediate surroundings, efficiently targeting heat to where it is needed.

The fleece achieves its energy efficiency and emission reductions by using a low wattage (DC current). A voltage of just 44 V DC (powered using a AC/DC transformer) applied to a 0.72 m² fleece panel, is sufficient to raise the ambient temperature of a 25 m3 room to normal levels. The effect of the heating can be felt almost instantaneously. Fleece has the potential to connect directly to DC powered renewable energy generators including solar panels and wind turbines. 

The Key Benefits:

Groundbreaking Technology
Utilises Natural, Healthy Radiation
Achieves >35% Typical Cost Savings
63% Reduction in CO2 Emissions
Reduces Allergy Irritants
Generates No Condensation
Incredibly Easy To Fit
Use in Buildings, Vehicles, Furniture, Clothing
The Next Generation of Heating