ALGAE NOVA is the marketing branch of a photo bio reactor system for the production of algae biomasses. One important role when cultivating algae is the sequestration of CO2 from emitting industries. As we are interested to get in contact with appropriate institutions, firms and organisations to distribute the knowledge of our technology and to find possible collaboration partners or interested individuals, we like to present our firms knowledge and experty for you and find mutual interests in environmental friendly and clean production for various applications from waste water treatment, aquaculture, feed & food production, healthcare and chemical basic compounds, up till the production of bio fuel.
Algae breeding is already a sustainable industry and on its way to become a world wide clean-tech production technology with the largest
potencial of all live science developments so far.
Algae breeding can clean, feed and heal and it will produce energy on top of all. Algae productivity is unmatched, the Algae was first on this globe and we could not live
nor survive without without them! They are one of the creators great gifts to mankind!

Power Plant CO2 Sequestration
Capture and sequestration of CO2 is one of the most critical challenges today for businesses and governments worldwide.
Thousands of CO2 emitting power plants and industries worldwide face this costly challenge - reduce your CO2 emissions or pay penalties.
One ton algae require, for their growth, 1.8 tons of CO2; algae thus are large absorbers of CO2.
Combine their affinity for CO2 with the fact that algae can grow practically anywhere, and we are presented with an exciting opportunity
- What if these CO2 emitting industries and power plants could use algae to absorb the CO2 and generate biofuels in return?
This is precisely what companies and power plants around the world are beginning to explore.

The algae industry today is moving towards multiple applications including nutraceuticals, cosmetics, animal feed, carbon capture & recycle and waste
water treatment, while research into cost effective bio ethanol, bio diesel and and other bio energy production continues behind the scene. We have planed
and completed our business model which reflects the shift from the algae-biofuel hype to a sustainable business enabling satisfying returns on investment.
Here we want to share our expert knowledge with this community enabling interested persons to understand the chances and the risks of this new clean tech commodity.
Algae breeding is already being discussed and the first steps towards production are already been made, but again no one has experiance to breed algae on an industrial scale.
Algae production will definitely change the world in the same way wind and solar power did become everyday commodities

The many uses of algae:
The problem with many of the bio-fuel solutions being explored by scientists and engineers around the world is that a profound question keeps arising: Is it food or fuel?
The answer can be scary. Choose food, and we’re saying that alternative fuel exploration is finished. Choose fuel, and we’re contributing to an already profound worldwide
problem of famine because we would be taking away the world’s food supply to achieve dependence from traditional oil.

At ALGAE NOVA, we see algae as the liberator to this issue, because algae is not an either food or fuel solution. Algae is a food and fuel solution…and so much more.
It’s a feedstock solution. It’s a polymer solution. It’s a nutraceutical solution. It’s a pharmaceutical solution. It’s a fertilizer solution. It’s a plastics solution.
And our list can go on.

Andreas Abraham
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