Why Smart Energy?

Energy consumption is one of the biggest household costs - a cost which continues to rise. Yet we have no real visibility of where our energy is actually going, or any effective means of controlling it. At the same time, the news about climate change gets worse and worse. We know that there are basic actions we must take, such as properly insulating our homes and choosing energy-efficient appliances, but the way energy is managed in our homes is archaic. We need to make our homes much smarter about how energy is consumed. This is why we launched AlertMe Smart Energy.

The AlertMe service was launched in 2008 and is constantly expanding, offering home owners the ability to manage home energy, home security, and lots more, all in one great value service that is simple to use.

AlertMe allows users to visualise their energy usage in real time and real currency, as well as automating usage optimisation by utilising information such as who is in the home and when, analysing home temperatures and allowing automatic switch off of appliances. AlertMe Energy was launched in October 2009, in partnership with Google PowerMeter, allowing users to view their home’s total energy usage in real time and making it easy for users to make small changes to save money on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

AlertMe’s innovative and unique energy saving technology is cheap and easy to use and will help consumers save up to 25% on their energy bills, year on year. We all need to work together to reduce domestic energy consumption as quickly and efficiently as possible. AlertMe Smart Energy offers an affordable and accessible solution that is available to use today.