We are seeking financing or partners or any other assistance to commercialise an innovative and ambitious Clean Free Energy, Carbon Sequestration and Wood Substitute project/s.

We describe our business idea as follows:

We have an innovative Energy project hereinafter referred to as APIX_MDG_FREE-Energy20, 000.

Each module would convert 20, 000 Tons of various Organic/ Carbonaceous wastes (vegetation wastes, Agro wastes, Wood Wastes, Plastics wastes, Food wastes and animal wastes) into the following end products:

1.An aerobically Converted methane gas based energy … 1400 KW.

2.Natural Fibre Polymer Composites (NFPC) …... 1500 T.

3.Carbon Sink Engineered Products (CSEP) …..... 9840 T.

4. Bio fertilizer (solids in 41, 184 T sludge).......... 1089 T.

5.“Green” Sulphur..... 23.1 T.

The following are the Innovations in this project:

1. Against a FREE supply of 20, 000 T of wastes (as specified), we shall supply FREE Power to an extent of 1, 125 KW (24 x 360) = 9, 720, 000 KWH (this is about 80% of the total power generated; the balance being used for our other production processes).

2. About 3500 T of vegetation/ Wood wastes shall be converted into Natural Fibre Polymer Composites (NFPC) … products such as Wood substitute Molded Doors, Molded Flooring and Modular systems.

3. The entire CO2 generated in Biogas would be SEQUESTERED and converted into Carbon Sink Engineered Products (CSEP), using certain Industrial wastes (up to 9840 T at minimum level, sequestering over 2000 T CO2).

A Few salient points:

• The business values of the products in '2' and '3' above (wherein we have the new innovative technology) would be in the range $30 million, with an estimated ROI of 32.6% (after depreciation).

• The total capital (including Plant/ Machinery, Initial trial runs and first year Working expenses = $5.2 million.

• The break-even is reached during the first year commercial run, when only single shift operation is carried out.

• Pay out time is estimated @ 6 years from trial run.

• The project would be self sustainable, without any Government support or other incentives. Hence, any such practical benefits would be welcome as “bonus.”

• Each APIX_MDG_FREE-ENERGY20,000 module could be the standard, so that hundreds of such projects could be set up all over world, through Standardization of Patented Designs.

For more details please visit our website: http://freeenergytoworld.wordpress.com/.