The Alternative Green Heating Fleece is a remarkable and innovative new heating product. Ground breaking nanotechnology uses micro-ceramic infused fleece to efficiently distribute heat with almost 100% energy efficiency. The fleece helps to minimize energy waste, create fantastic costs savings and generate a huge reduction in CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, with air being warmed indirectly an ambient temperature is achieved as heat radiates from objects inside the room. A room is heated more rapidly and efficiently than conventional systems by heating objects rather than circulating air. This creates additional benefits for allergy sufferers with a dramatic reduction in the movement of allergens.

The fleece neither emits microwave radiation nor causes atmospheric dehydration and is fantastically lightweight - at just 83 grams/m2 it can be installed behind plaster board, within wall and ceiling cavities, under floors, behind wallpaper, stuck to the wall and painted, free standing or hung like a picture. Temperature is controlled using a conventional thermostat.

The fleece achieves its energy efficiency and emission reductions by using a low wattage (DC current). A Voltage 12v DC applied to a 0.72 m2 fleece panel, is sufficient to raise the ambient temperature of a 25 m3 room to normal levels. The effect of the heating can be felt almost instantaneously. Fleece has the potential to connect directly to DC powered renewable energy generators including solar panels and wind turbines as it will work from 4v upto 48v DC.

The technology is being applied to a range of different applications including self warming footwear - Feeling is believing.

We're beginning to work with partners across the Leisure industry so please contact us for more information about working together with this remarkable new product.