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Aeolus Power Ltd.

26 May 2010 07:05:18

Evance R9000 & Quiet Revolution qr5

Evance R9000 - 5kW - Aeolus Power stocks, installs and maintains
19 May 2010

Specialist wind turbine supplier and installer Aeolus Power Limited is offering its customers two additional wind turbines to enable them to take advantage of the financial rewards offered by the Green Energy Cash Back Scheme or FiT. In December 2009 the company introduced the powerful Canadian 50kW Endurance Wind turbine into the UK, followed by the 1.5kW and 10kW Evoco Energy turbines in January 2010. Today it is pleased to confirm the inclusion of the Evance R9000 and the quietrevolution qr5 within its range.

The Evance R9000 has been designed to capture more energy at lower wind speeds making it the most efficient 5kW turbine available. Its patented Reactive Pitch technology enables the turbine to hold its blades in the optimum position for wind collection. Its reliability is validated by several hundred existing installations averaging more than 99% up-time.

The quietrevolution qr5 meets the need for a wind turbine suited to environments near people and buildings where wind speeds are lower and wind directions change more frequently. The qr5 has a helical – or twisted – blade design to ensure a robust performance in turbulent winds and its compact blade structure allows siting on roof tops or close to buildings. The unusual yet attractive shape of the blades means that the turbine is virtually silent and vibration free.

Director of Aeolus Power Limited Christine Griffiths says, “We are delighted to be able to offer these wind turbines from quietrevolution and Evance and they are an excellent additional to our portfolio. Each has unique characteristics setting it apart from its competitors and both have over 150 wind turbines currently in operation.”

The inclusion of these turbines within its range means that Aeolus Power can support farmers and landowners with the powerful, efficient Endurance Wind Power 50kW wind turbine, meet the needs of ‘crowded’ environments with the quietrevolution 4.2kW, address the demands of smaller domestic and commercial properties with the Evoco 1.5kW, and meet the requirements of larger domestic properties, farms and businesses with the Evance 5kW and Evoco Energy 10kW.



1. Please use the enquires button to connect with Christine Griffiths if you would like more information, photographs or if you would like to visit a working turbine.

2. Aeolus Power Ltd is owned by husband and wife team Christine & Peter Griffiths: the business was started as a result of the lack of support and information available to them when they installed a wind turbine at their farmhouse home.

3. The company was established in 2006.

4. The company supplies wind turbines ranging in size from 1.5kW to 50kW to farmers, landowners, businesses, communities, schools and home owners.

5. Aeolus Power Limited stocks wind turbines from Canadian manufacturer Endurance Wind Power (50kW), Evoco Energy (1.5kW and 10kW), quietrevolution (4.2kW) and Evance (5kW).

6. Christine Griffiths was winner of the Gloucestershire ‘Women in Business’ Rising Star Award in March 2010.

7. Aeolus Power has a network of trained installers across the country which has installed wind turbines for a wide array of customers including the Somerset Earth Science Centre, The Environment Agency in both Cornwall and Wales, and Sherringham School in Norfolk.

8. Christine & Peters’ knowledge of harnessing wind power is second to none and both have spoken on the subject at a wide variety of venues around the South West and Wales, including Exeter University, the National Homebuilding and Renovating Show in Shepton Mallet and locations in Gloucestershire, Cornwall, Wiltshire and Dorset for the Country Landowners Association

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