Stockholders, suppliers and installers of wind turbines from 1.5kW to 50kW, suitable for farmers & landowners, households, schools, community centres and businesses. We specialise in wind energy and work with nothing else, purely wind, everyday!

Anyone with the space to site a wind turbine can generate their own electricity from wind power. The Feed in Tariffs(FiT) introduced in April 2010 provide a financial, as well as ecological, reason to invest in wind power.

We provide a full range of services and will help you choose the best turbine to suit your wind speed and location. We provide advise on siting and installation, perform a site survey and advise you on dealing with the planning authorities and electricity companies. We can install the wind turbine for you and then provide you with post-installation services such as maintenance and repair.

We supply and install wind turbines manufactured by Endurance Wind Power, Evoco Wind Energy, Evance and Quiet Revolution.