Advanced Recycling Systems Ltd – For Design, Development and Manufacture of High Quality Recycling Equipment.
A family-run company of over 30 years, ARS offer Simple Modular Based Systems designed to be Efficient, Safe and Flexible to your needs. From Stand Alone Sorters and Balers to complex MRF’s, we are confident that our experience and expertise can provide an Innovative Solution to the demanding Recycling Equipment Needs of today’s world. We offer Unique Mobile Systems, which will reduce your Carbon Footprint, whilst Improving Efficiency and Costs and are happy to discuss the design of Bespoke Machinery to suit.

In 2006 we were awarded the 'Business Achievement Award of Excellence For Solutions to the Recycling Industry' and in 2009 were shortlisted for The Maufacturer's 'Design and Innovation Award' for our unique KerbyCan Design.

For more information on all our products please contact Brian or Emma on 01209 311076.