Believing in Biodiesel– the advance biofuel from nonfood feedstocks, we at Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC) have been engaged since last decade in research, development and production of non-food sustainable biofuel crops worldwide in a structured Agri-Supply chain, Value additions and research activities thereon & have been providing technology and services from “Soil to Oil” for the breeding, development, planting and harvesting of next-generation commercial biofuel crops. We have been engaged in promoting sustainable farming for biodiesel production since last one decade and ours research findings and on-hand field experiences in respect of various technical, agronomical/silvicultural aspects of plantations of Jatropha & other non-food biodiesel crops have resulted in significant improvements in knowledge and technical background related to Productivity, profitability and sustainability of commercial production of the oil crops. This is why we profoundly and proudly got the status of Global Authority for scientific commercialization of Jatropha & other non-food biodiesel crops