For more than 36 years, Addnew Hydropower Limited and Addnew Technologies Limited have been customizing effective solutions for "Smarter and Clean Power" with the following proven supreme quality and reasonably priced products, services and tailor-made total solutions:

> Hydro Turbines and Governors, including Francis type, Kaplan type, Pelton type, Tubular type (Bulb Turbines, Pit Turbines, etc.), Inclined-jet type, etc.;
> Hydro Generators of horizontal or vertical types, Excitation Systems, etc.;
> Hydro Mechanic Equipment such as penstocks, speed adjusters, valves, sluice gates, cranes, trash-racks, etc.;
> Auxiliary Equipment like watering or draining systems, air systems, oil systems, lubricating systems, fire protection systems, etc..

# Transformers, Switchgears, Step-up substation equipment and other electrical equipment or systems;
# Control Systems, Monitoring or Supervision Systems, Protection Systems, Communication Systems, etc.;
# Automation Systems with micro-computers of high-voltage and low-voltage for Power Stations and Power Grids.

* All the required engineering services for the above equipment and systems such as Project Design, Installation, Commissioning, Test-Run, Operation Training, Maintenance, Upgrading, Renovation, etc..

No matter whether you're searching for lower prices or expecting faster delivery time, and no matter you're a plant owner or investor, or you're an engineering consultant for your client, or you are now finding a manufacturing partner or EPC contractor in the production of renewable clean energy like Hydropower and Wind Power and effective solutions for higher power quality and power efficiency, enquire now and benefit from ADDNEW's high levels of quality, performance and reliability from its 36-year expertise and experience from more than 1,500 successfully executed projects.

Let's strive together for a cleaner earth and a better tomorrow by generating efficiently more affordable, renewable and sustainable clean energy and by making power smarter with the latest technologies!