Active Energy is a subsidiary of AIM-listed gas ignition system manufacturer Cinpart Plc.

Energy and carbon reduction is now high on the agenda for every government worldwide. Against this backdrop, the Voltage Master from Active Energy stands out as a powerful and cost effective solution proven to reduce by up to 20% both electricity costs and associated carbon emissions.

The Voltage Master is proudly designed and manufactured here in the UK, and is designed by a team of electrical engineers with over 30 years experience in energy efficiency. It is a highly sophisticated power optimiser that attaches to your incoming electricity supply. The Voltage Master uses a tried-and-tested technology known as voltage or power optimization, to reduce the voltage distributed throughout your building to an optimal 220V.

The Voltage Master qualifies for Carbon Trust interest-free loans and normally achieves payback in 12 to 24 months.

The Voltage Master has already been installed in a number of industrial and commercial premises throughout the UK.