ACIS Renewable Energy Ltd offer complete renewable energy solutions to a wide range of clients, from businesses to schools, charities, farms and domestic customers.

Our approach is to offer a full consultancy service which looks at every aspect of a client's energy usage in order to determine the very best methods of saving money, making money and also reducing carbon emissions.

Sometimes very small changes such as switching to low energy light bulbs and installing insulation can make a big impact in lowering energy bills and carbon emissions. The end result for you is an individually tailored solution focusing on maximum grant funding, minimal capital outlay and maximum benefit

ACIS Renewable Energy Ltd are members of the Renewable Energy Trust Assurance which means that we are governed by the high standards set out in the REAL consumer code.

ACIS Renewable Energy Ltd are also registered Carbon Trust suppliers which means we can make applications for businesses and other organisations for interest free loans in order to purchase energy efficient equipment and renewables. The basis of any Carbon Trust loan is that the energy savings pay off the loan so there is no capital outlay on behalf of the business.

One of the great benefits in using our services is our innovative approach to financing our client's equipment. We have a dedicated researcher who constantly monitors all of the grant & funding options available. We will complete as much of the grant application as possible for you, and in essence we will "hold your hand" through the whole process. We then ensure the maximum amount of funding is attracted for each project.

ACIS Renewable Energy Ltd use only Microgeneration accredited products and installers to ensure the highest quality of products and services.