ACES brings together natural and social scientists to carry out inter-disciplinary research on environmental sustainability. Managing our natural environments in a way that is sustainable and meets the competing demands of society is one of the great challenges facing us in the 21st century. Our research focuses on three key areas:

* Underlying processes. Understanding the environmental, economic and social processes and trade-offs underlying environmental sustainability;
* Reconciling conflicts. Analysing and reconciling the conflicts that threaten sustainability, and;
* Developing solutions. Working with stakeholders and policy makers to develop strategies for sustainable environmental management.

Founded in 2007, ACES achieves this by building from the strengths of two high-profile research institutions - the Macaulay Institute and the University of Aberdeen.

ACES currently supports a core staff of academics and research students, and provides a platform for scientists, stakeholders and policy makers to develop inter-disciplinary science for environmental sustainability.