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AC heating Ltd.

Agricultural heating cost reduction

outdoor unit extracting  heat from the Air indoor unit exchanging heat from the refrigirant to the heating water
New Energy Efficient Heating System developed specifically for the
Agricultural Sector
Unprecedented opportunities for renewable energy development are occurring as a result of a
number of simultaneous factors including the rising cost of oil and natural gas; the need for energy
resource security and climate change. The need to find alternatives to replace increasingly
expensive fossil fuels and reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions has peaked interest in heat
pump usage around the world.
Contrary to the prevailing wisdom that reducing GHG emissions will raise societal energy costs,
Heat pump technology can provide consumers with lower and more stable heating costs while
dramatically cutting GHG emissions.
There are a number of opportunities where heat pumps could contribute to reduced energy demand,
· Greenhouses
· Dairies
· Fish Farms
· Pig Farms
· Chicken Farms etc.
Our company, AC Heating Ltd., has developed a unit
that can be utilised in any of these applications. It is a
brand new Air – Water invert technology Heat Pump,
that is manufactured out of high resistant material and
can face the tough farming environment. Each of the
areas mentioned above have different heat distribution
systems; heat mats in greenhouses, heat exchangers in
fish farms, industrial fan coils in chicken farms or
resting pads and delta pipes in pig farms. Therefore
heat pumps need to be modified for best performance
and maximum savings in any of these areas. We are
able to control the temperature of the heating water or the room area. In the past few years, we have
installed our machines in a number of pig farms and other facilities.
The savings, especially in the pig breeding sector, are reaching stunting heights of 75% compared to
the usual fossil fuels e.g LPG, kerosene etc. Yet, the system gives the farmers more control of the
temperature at the resting pads in farrowing houses or the room temperature in the weaners section.
The heat pump produces a constant water temperature in the resting pads or automatically adjusts
the temperature of the heating water in the weaners section. This means there are no waves of heat
being released and the heat is distributed evenly. This
may possibly lead to higher productivity of the farm.
This range of heat pumps, as opposed to classical
systems, is equipped with a frequency
converter/inverter, an electronic expansion valve and
many other improvements, leading to a high efficiency
of our systems. Therefore, there is no need of a buffer
tank to be used with conventional heat pumps.
Recently, we have carried out a case study on Ashleigh
Pig farm in Co. Waterford. This was done to investigate
the difference of the costs of heating using the condensing oil boiler compared to the air-water heat
pump. The results were outstanding, the heat pump slashed down an unbelievable 73% of the
original heating expenses. ( The full case study report can be found at: www.acheating.ie )
Mr. McGrath states,
“ I am very happy with the Air-Water Heat Pump System supplied by AC Heating Ltd.
The heating cost per pig is 0.32 cents at the moment which gives a total cost
reduction of 0.86 cents per pig ( farrowing/ weaners section ) and this accounts to
73% savings over my previous oil boiler. This is a very good saving, as a result the
payback on the investment will take no more than 2 years. The technology is
supported by SEAI ( Sustainable Energy Association Ireland ) which offers a 30%
grant on all equipment.
Also our overall Carbon Emissions have decreased on the farm . When using the oil boiler
our farm produced 325kg's of CO2 or 88kg's of Carbon per day compared to
the current situation now with the heat pumps, where we now produce 80kg's
of CO2 or 21.8kg's of Carbon per day. So on top of the savings we are also helping
the environment.”
Once repaid, farmers will benefit from savings on their energy costs, as well as a reduction on their
carbon footprint.

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