Abbey Steel & Shearing Company Ltd are a steel stockholder that supplies manufacturers throughout the UK with a resource for all their steel; sheet, blanks, shapes, strip and wide-coil requirements, together with a comprehensive processing service so that all material is precision sheared to required specifications. Abbey Steel has a supply operation unlike any other steel stockholder. Our steel is sourced from an extensive range of suppliers in the automotive and steel industries using and through working together we have established reuse operations to collect steel that is surplus to their requirements. In addition to this we also supply, slit coil and metallurgy services. At present we supply a comprehensive range of industrial and commercial sectors.

The material that we receive comes to us in the form of door and window cut-outs; reject body panels and other unwanted material. This steel is a pure by product from these industries and is supplied direct to Abbey Steel. There is nothing wrong with the material other than it being an odd shape, it being redundant or it having minor surface scratches that would affect the paint finish of a car.

This steel would be destined for smelting as it has no further application in their operations, but Abbey Steel are specialists in collecting and shearing this material for usage in other applications through shearing into blank sizes specified by our customers.

As you can imagine this is highly environmentally friendly and in 2008 we reused 3606 tonnes of this material and based on our own carbon foot printing data we saved 27,045 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

To this end we have created a brand around this material resource which we have named Abbeysteel™ Sustainably Sourced Steel. Abbeysteel™ has been created to be the world’s first green brand of sustainably sourced steel that has been created to showcase this reusable prime steel by-product. To provide customers with sustainable resource for their material needs.