A Shade Greener is the leading installer and originator of the free solar panel scheme. We started to offer free solar in 2010 and have to date installed over 5,000 systems saving home-owners an average of 37% off their energy bills. A Shade Greener are proud to have helped many low income and pensioner households to be able to generate their own free electricity, this can help households out of fuel poverty.

We are able to provide a completely free solar photovoltaic installation to homeowners with suitable homes. A suitably sized south facing roof is required. Our installations are monitored and maintained by us at no charge to our customers for a 25 year period.

Solar is a growing and essential part of the UK's overall energy basket. Renewable energy provides a clean, safe and secure source of power and can grow to represent a significant portion of the overall energy generation landscape.

A Shade Greener is proud to have contributed a significant amount of solar capacity to the grid. With much of the power generated being used locally this provides an efficient way to contribute towards a clean and sustainable future.